About The film

The Story

COACH OF THE YEAR is a rousing sports comedy about an unconventional coach who guides an underdog team to victory. Set in 1997, COACH OF THE YEAR centers around Jack Wright, a perpetual undergrad who has long since abandoned the world of swimming to pursue a career as a stand-up comic. Following a scathing review of Jack’s latest gig, Jack’s father, himself a successful coach, loses patience with his son’s misguided goal and forces him to take a coaching job at a local school. The only catch is that there is barely a team there to coach, nor is there a pool in which to train. Making matters worse is the fact that Jack’s dad is his chief competition because he coaches the regional champs, a team with a flawless record, a lavish Olympic-size pool, and a raft of sponsors. Surely Jack has been set-up—by his own dad—to fail.

Filmed with the same irreverent, carefree spirit embodied by its protagonist, COACH OF THE YEAR highlights the very best qualities of competitive sports. Because of its winning, comedic style, COACH OF THE YEAR is bound to succeed in promoting swim culture to audiences of all ages for years to come.

The Production

Set against the high­spirited world of high school swimming, the film stars Harris Doran, Melissa Archer, Hunter Gomez, Paten Hughes, Chris Ceraso, James McCaffrey, Kevin Brown and the late Edward Herrmann, appearing in his ultimate on­screen role. In his feature film debut, award­winning writer/director David Stott enlivens the movie with an unusual degree of technical and emotional authenticity. The story draws on his extensive swimming and coaching careers, and the events depicted in the film are based on his own life and experiences. Produced by ​Melissa Gundlach, Donna McKenna, David Stott and 12­time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin, COACH OF THE YEAR is in its final stages of post­production and is being readied for commercial release later this year.


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